Monday, June 1, 2009

A new face to facilitate translational research

An introduction to Bea, the new InCrops Business and Innovation Officer

My name is Beatrix Schlarb-Ridley (Bea for short), and I have this month taken up the post of InCrops Business and Innovation Officer, based partly here in Plant Sciences, partly at UEA. I am employed 80% FTE by the InCrops Enterprise Hub, of which Plant Sciences are a partner. The InCrops Project has two key aims:

  1. to stimulate the commercialisation of new biorenewable and low carbon products from alternative and non food crop feedstocks

  2. to lever out the East of England's world class research capability in plant and crop science

My aim is to interact both with industry eg through CPPS, and with academic research in the Department, to achieve this.

I also hold a Business Fellowship with the School of Biological Sciences and London Technology Network (10% FTE), which has the much broader remit of facilitating translational research in any sector.

Finally, I will take up some other responsibilities in the Department which are currently still being worked out.

In whichever capacity – I look forward very much to interacting with you!

Best wishes,

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