Wednesday, March 17, 2010

PhD studentships for Oct 2010 in Systems Approaches to Biological Research

Studentships are available for October 2010 in systems biology projects offered by groups in the Genes to Organisms (G2O) training programme. This programme brings together the Departments of Zoology, Plant Sciences and Physiology, Development and Neuroscience (PDN). A core thread of the research and training is focused on systems biology of animals and plants. The following projects are available:

  • Mathematical modelling of the circadian Ca2+ signalling network (Dr. Alex Webb, Plant Sciences with Dr. Jorge Goncalves, Engineering).

  • How do cells regulate key cell cycle transitions (Dr Jonathon Pines; Zoology; Martin Howard UEA)

  • The influence of seasonal disturbance and climate change on crop disease (Dr. Nik Cunniffe, Prof Chris Gilligan; Plant Sciences)

  • The mammalian "methylome" (Dr Cath Green and Professor Chris Abell. Chemistry)

  • Dynamics of the Notch response (Prof Sarah Bray, PDN; Dr Steve Russell, Systems Biology Institute; Prof Simon Tavare, DAMTP).

  • Systems modelling of organ morphogenesis in mammals (Dr Paul Schofield PDN with Dr Bernard de Bono, EBI)

  • Modelling the morphogenesis of the early amniote embyo (Dr Octavian Voiculescu, PDN)

  • Regulatory network analysis (Prof Sir David Baulcombe, Plant Sciences)

  • Temporal control of neurogenesis (Prof Andrea Brand; Dr Gos Micklem; Cambridge Systems Biology Centre; Dr Lorenz Wernisch, MRC Biostatistics Unit)

  • Quantitative gastrulation: understanding how morphogenetic movements are coupled in embryonic development (Dr Benedicte Sanson, PDN; Dr Richard Adams, PDN; Dr Emmanuel Farge, Physics Department, Curie Institute, Paris).

  • Synthetic patterns in plant development. (Dr. Jim Haseloff, Plant Sciences;

  • Energy efficiency of information coding in Drosophila photoreceptors (Dr Jeremy Niven, Zoology)

Further information at

To apply: Please send application including c.v.with full details of academic record and research experience to Aileen Briggs ( Arrange for two references to be sent to the same address by the closing date.

Application deadline extended: April 23rd 2010

Note: Full funding is available for UK and other EU students who meet the BBSRC eligibility criteria which include UK residency.

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