Tuesday, January 17, 2012

BBC Horizon covers Cambridge iGEM2012

Adam Rutherford meets the Cambridge iGEM2011 team, and Cat McMurran describes the use of squid reflectins as a biological source of iridescence. The iGEM team built reflectin biobricks for expression of the protein and production of iridescent films that response dynamically to changes in hydration. A video clip of the interview can be found here at the BBC website. The full programme is broadcast on Feb 17th at 9:30pm on BBC2, or can be played back on the BBC iPlayer. More information about the iGEM competition at the University of Cambridge can be found at: http://www.synbio.org.uk/cambridge/cambridge-igem-teams.html.

iGEM2011 wiki - iGEM2011 team wiki for Cambridge - Engineering iridescence.

iGEM2011 overview - Summary of iGEM2011 team and their research efforts.


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